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The Menus for High School Students


Sweet and salty spring rolls :

Making vegetable and fruit spring rolls.

Introduction to handling a knife :

Cutting different vegetables and creating a seasonal recipe.

Let’s eat organic and local foods :

Different courses depending on the seasonal harvest.

Getting rid of GMOs from our dishes :

Different courses depending on the seasonal harvest.

Dessert trifle:

A friendly team competition with whipped cream.

The best macaroni in the world :

Cooking macaroni that doesn’t even compare to Kraft Dinner.

Sushi 101 for teens :

Making makis and nigiris.

From the appetizer to dessert :

A meal of 3 or 4 dishes, concocted by your students

Cupcakes for teens :

Learning icing and fondant techniques

Chicken soup:

Students discover all the basics of chicken soup from A to Z.


It is always possible to create a custom course with a particular theme.
International cuisine, molecular, halal, vegetarian etc…

Our courses can be adapted to the needs of your students.


Offer real cooking courses in your classroom.

Students are introduced to cooking and healthy eating by cooking simple and fun recipes. All groups are supervised by a professional and passionate chef.The teenagers imitate the chef by concocting finger foods, appetizers, soups, entrees or desserts, according to the theme chosen by the teacher.

In addition to tasting healthy meals, these courses teach students how to prepare delicious dishes. This helps develop their self-confidence. They also learn how to handle knives and how to appreciate vegetables!

Our courses combine several learning domains: reading, math, healthy eating and general knowledge. The courses are developed for students, depending on their age group.


The chef always pays careful attention to the allergies and religious dietary restrictions of the students.

Our courses are available in English and French.

Psssttt… Obtain discounts when you book for all students in your school.


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