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Offer real cooking courses in your classroom with a real chef!

Be the most popular teacher in your school by offering your students practical cooking courses.
Don’t break your head with planning because the 4 Services chefs will provide…

Absolutely EVERYTHING you need for a WONDERFUL cooking activity!



  1. The students execute a recipe that`s 100% approved and fun!
  2. Your students will be surrounded by a professional and passionate chef.
  3. The children imitate the chef by wearing a CHEF`S HAT that they keep and may use at home.
  4. An already printed copy of the recipe will be given to all students and teachers. 
  5. It`s YOU who determines the menu: finger foods, appetizers, main dishes, soups or desserts.
  6. Also, allowing your students to taste their delicious and healthy recipes helps them develop their self-confidence. What more can you ask for?
  7. Students learn to discover and appreciate new flavors.
  8. They learn to use knives in a safe and efficient way.
  9. Cherish the moment by taking a lot of photos of your students in their chef outfits!
  10. Our practical courses combine different learning domains: reading (having students realize that reading is crucial in cooking)
  11. Math: By measuring the quantities of ingredients and including fractions.
  12. Historical and/or social facts may be added to complement the educational aspect of our recipes. 
  13. Students improve their fine motor skills.
  14. They develop the knowledge of healthy eating and making the right choices.
  15. Our cooking course are organized and created based on the ages and needs of your students.
  16. Our chefs pay close attention to the allergies and dietary religious restrictions of your students.

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Our courses are available in English and French.

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