Autonomy, Culinary Experience and Education


Develop the culinary autonomy and confidence of adults and children by offering turnkey cooking courses. These courses are well-organized, professional, amusing and conform to our values.


Eco-social involvement:

4 Services is an Eco-social responsible company. We take concrete steps to ensure our involvement acts as a positive change in society. We print our recipes on FSC certified paper. Our respect for the planet means limiting food waste and focusing on healthy foods. We offer our courses at reasonable prices to non-profit organizations and inner city schools. We encourage a good work-life balance to our chefs by offering them ideal working conditions.


Our Values:
Our values are what help us deliver great cooking courses.


Here are the values we prioritize:

Our chefs are committed to prioritizing the allergies and dietary restrictions of our clients.
Where there are allergies…there is never neglect!

Our chefs are committed to creating courses in which everyone feels acknowledged, confident and valued.
Where there is involvement…there is confidence!

Our chefs are committed to supporting students and adults in a safe, fun, pleasurable, and creative environment.
Where there is support … There is success!

Respecting our planet means limiting food waste, purchasing local and biological foods and reusing dishes and cutlery.
Where there are eco-conscious people…There is a wonderful planet with healthy humans. 

Respecting people beyond their culture and differences such as: issues of religion, age, sex or sexual orientation.
Where there is respect … There is unity.

Our Policy:

In relation to our mission, 4 Services is defined by the following policies:

In the next 3 years, the cooking courses will help Quebec elementary students achieve culinary success, learn healthy eating and gain great culinary experience.

Become the preeminent provider of practical cooking courses for children and adults.

Establish teams of professional and skilled chefs to teach all over the province.

Meet the needs, requirements and priorities of our clientele (children and adults).

Provide culinary conferences across the province.

Provide working conditions favoring a work-family balance.

Maintain a dynamic partnership with organizations (educational, social, political and business organizations).

Chef Annie Bahl and her team of super chefs                                                  


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