Our menus prepared by our chefs!

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The Funny Pizza
A 4 Services favorite! Make a personal pizza with more than 6 vegetables.

Discovering the Cucurbitaceae Family
Discover more than 6 varieties of the cucurbitaceae family while making a delicious squash soup!

Our Small Chocolates
Who doesn’t like chocolate? Discover EVERYTHING about white, milk and dark chocolate (70% or 35%).

Every student creates two chocolate molds and there’s also a nice little extra for each teacher!

Asian Vermicelli
Take out your chopsticks! We’re eating some exquisite vermicelli with fresh vegetables.

HEY! I’m making dinner!
Course on couscous or quinoa. Your students will ask for seconds!

Crazy Cupcake Party in your Classroom!
Become the most popular teacher at your school with this fun course.

Decorate vanilla cupcakes using different icing techniques and 30 different toppings!

Soup with Colorful Vegetables
Your students will be introduced to the most comforting soup.

This recipe may be adapted to the themes covered in class: medieval soup, explorer soup, etc.

 All-dressed Macaroni (cold or hot)
An all-approved classic! Large macaroni salad with seasonal vegetables.

Inca Salad
Corn, black beans, and cilantro are featured in this beautiful, colorful salad.

The Eco-friendly Lunchbox
Our biggest seller! Course on how to pack an easy and healthy lunch without creating waste

(wrap with apples, cranberries and chicken + yop).

Learn to Recognize 8 Spices
An introduction to the tastes and flavors of the world.

Yogurt Trifle with Small Fruits and Granola
We have breakfast directly in your class with this easy and delicious classic.

Sweet and Salty Spring Rolls (7 years and up)
Learn the legend of the spring roll while making vegetable and/or fruit spring rolls. Try not to break the rice paper!

Introduction to Handling a Knife (7 years and up)
Make a vegetable dip and practice different cuts of vegetables.

Dessert Trifle (9 years and up)
A friendly team competition with whipped cream and fractions! So much fun!

From the Appetizer to Dessert (10 years and up)
A meal of 3 or 4 dishes, concocted by your students.

90 minute course- special project.

More recipes are available…

For the high school menu… click here.

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Portable stoves can also be provided by the chef.

It is always possible to create a custom course with particular themes (World cuisine, molecular, vegetarian, halal, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc.).

Our courses are available in French and English.

Our courses can be easily adjusted to students with learning difficulties.

For more details on how we proceed in your classroom, visit our page.


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