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Establish a healthy eating policy at your school with the help of the chefs from 4 Services. Become a healthy school!

“Teaching children to cook healthy meals is great for their future development.”

Did you know that there’s 50 million dollars available to you and your students?

It’s never easy to find the financial resources to implement a healthy lifestyle for your students. Millions of dollars are injected into each school board every year. They await your culinary projects and course proposals to bring positivity to the health of your students.

The numbers…

In 2007, MELS demanded that all school boards developed policies on healthy lifestyles (diet and physical activity) or to develop educational activities to help schools achieve healthy changes. A sum of 1.5 million dollars is allocated annually to each school board to use at its discretion. Private schools also benefit from this.

All school boards also receive money to subsidize extracurricular projects focusing on healthy lifestyles in order to educate the community: 3 million dollars goes towards cycle 3 elementary and 11 million dollars goes towards high schools. Since schools cannot take sole responsibility for the children’s healthy lifestyles, linking families to the important information on healthy eating needs further development.

Raising the awareness for teachers is crucial. For example, according to a survey in Utah, more than half of the 1,243 elementary school teachers were unaware that healthy lifestyle policies were being implemented in their schools. In addition, only 12% found that the policy was being applied.

To facilitate the implementation of a healthy lifestyle policy in schools, MELS recommends calling on experts in this field: chefs, nutritionists, dieticians, nurses, community organizers, etc.

Thanks to our cooking programs, 4 Services offers you the opportunity to assist in implementing a healthy lifestyle policy in your school.

We offer a variety of practical cooking courses for your students.

– Courses in classrooms.

– Culinary sessions.

– Courses in day cares.

-Courses as an extracurricular activity.

-Special projects adapted to your needs.

We offer culinary training to your teachers and educators.

-How to give cooking courses to students aged 12 and under.

We offer healthy food samples for health day.

We offer conferences to students and/or school personnel.

We propose cooking courses on how to pack an Eco-friendly lunchbox.

We offer our unique culinary expertise.

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